Why expedite?

ePolicy delivery has a lot of moving parts  and its complexity is only intensified by varying sales channels, compliance and the unique needs of distributors. That's where expedite comes in. expedite is an eDelivery platform that is totally customizable and designed specifically for the insurance sector.

  • Fully carrier sponsored - free for you and your agents to use
  • Support your own custom workflow via both an automated and manual rules engine for you, your agent, and your shared customer
  • Support your selling efforts in multiple channels (banks, BDs, direct markets, etc.)
  • Work in tandem with your BD partnerships, meeting all of their compliance needs (disclaimers, adding their own additional documents, and more--all automatically!) 
  • Easy to use dashboard gives each user control over their own experience 
  • Push and pull integration with your other technology partners (AMS, CRM, Imaging Systems, etc.)
  • Pure multi-carrier experience