How is expedite Different?

Electronic delivery is an expectation of today's consumers and agents. With expedite, you will be able to easily and affordably implement an eDelivery platform that will save your firm time and money. Unlike other eDelivery solutions: 

  • expedite is a platform, not a solution. This means it is incredibly flexible and can be used for numerous document delivery needs across your organization, inlcluding: Electronic Policy and Contract Delivery, Client Communications, Pre- and Post-Sale Delivery, Agent Contracting, Policy Holder Services and Supplemental Application Forms.
  • expedite includes a robust rules engine that helps automate processes and workflow. Users can add unlimited parties to the workflow, which helps you maximize eDelivery for every distribution channel.
  • expedite is easy to implement. You don't have to be PDF-ready and can get to market in a matter of weeks.
  • expedite was built for the 21st century insurer. It's easy to use and implement, even for those who may not be so tech-savvy.
  • expedite is free to use for distributors, ensuring full BGA participation
  • expedite is eSignature vendor agnositc - use your esig vendor or ours